Air Curtain Selection Guide

Air Curtain Selection Guide

How To Choose The Right Air Curtain? Air Curtain Purchase Considerations.

1. Air Curtain Application

The quieter places such as hotels, hotels, conference halls, and office buildings are suitable for ordinary axial air curtains. Restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals and other places with large traffic flow should choose large air volume electric air curtain; cold storage, the freezer should choose large air volume natural wind curtain; constant temperature storage logistics center generally chooses large air volume centrifugal air curtain.

2. Air Curtain Purpose?

The principle of the air curtain is to form an air curtain, to isolate the air inside and outside, to prevent the main effects of flies and mosquitoes; first we need to understand our own industry, our air curtain machine is mainly suitable for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, cold storage, Industrial workshops, industrial tunnel furnace equipment and other environments; when you tell the manufacturer what industry to use, the manufacturer will recommend the correct choice and model;

3. The Use Environment Of Air Curtain

The environment used, whether the air is humid, whether there is corrosive gas or salt in the air, if it is, then you must choose stainless steel air curtain, which can extend the service life of the air curtain; if it is used in cold storage, it must It should be installed outside the cold storage, otherwise the internal moisture will easily damage the air curtain. If it is installed on the tunnel furnace, it must be installed outside the tunnel furnace air outlet, otherwise, the air curtain will be easily damaged.

4. How Is Installation Place?

The choice of the air curtain model is mainly determined by the width and height of the door opening. If the AC-12/35/40 strong wind type is selected within 4 meters, if it is within 5 meters, the AC-20 super strong air curtain machine should be selected; if it exceeds 5 meters or more It is recommended to install air curtains on both sides;

5. The Number Of Air Curtains

The number of air curtains is chosen according to the width of the door opening. Generally, our air curtains have a maximum width of 1.5 meters. Of course, there are also 1.8 meters and 2 meters air curtains on the market. However, it is generally not recommended to use a long air curtain machine. Because the impeller is too long, the force is not uniform. After a long time, the impeller deformation and fracture are easy to occur. If the door opening is wide, the air curtain can be assembled and used. The installation size is greater than or equal to the width of the door opening so that no dead angle is generated;

6. What Kind Of Material To Choose?

At present, the main materials of the air curtain are steel plate spray and SUS304 stainless steel; if it is in the general environment, the steel plate spray can meet the needs of use. If the moisture in the air is large, or the salt gas is heavy, it is recommended to use a stainless steel air curtain. Generally, the air curtain machines of food companies currently choose stainless steel.

7. There Are Several Ways To Open The Air Curtains.

(1) Manually open, if the height is not high, or under normal circumstances, an air curtain is closed, you can choose to open manually;
(2) Remote control: If the air curtain is to be installed at a high height, it can be turned on by remote control.
(3) Human body induction: When someone approaches the air curtain, the human body sensor takes place, the air curtain starts, and when the person leaves, it stops automatically;
The specific method is selected according to the user’s own situation; the general factory default is manual, if you need other special methods, you must remind the seller when ordering;

8. Does The Installation Place Need A Bracket For Installation?

Generally, if there is a distance of 30 cm above the door and the air curtain mounting plate can be fixed, there is no need to install the bracket; if the air curtain is above the glass or the top is close to the ceiling and cannot be fixed, the bracket must be installed. General manufacturers can provide brackets but must be explained in advance when ordering. Or take a photo and send it to the seller so that the seller can make a non-standard order according to the situation on the spot.

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