Entrance Air Curtain

Entrance Air Curtain

Entrance air curtain can prevent indoor and outdoor hot and cold air exchange. At the same time, it has the functions of dustproof, anti-pollution and anti-mosquito. Widely used in electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceutical, food, precision processing, chemical, footwear, and services, business and other industries.

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Cooling Air Curtain

Cooling air curtain uses a strip-shaped air distributor to spray a curtain-like airflow of a certain speed and temperature, and by closing the gate, the passage, the counter, etc., to reduce or isolate the intrusion of the external airflow to maintain the environmental conditions in the room or a certain working area, the colleague It also blocks the entry of dust, harmful gases, and insects.

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Indoor Air Curtain

Indoor air curtain is installed in the refrigerating, air-conditioning, dust-proof and heat-insulated shopping malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference halls, refrigerators, operating rooms, and homes. The air curtain fan can be started to separate the indoor and outdoor air.

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Door Wind Air Curtain

Door wind air curtain can install for a large space in stadiums, cinemas, entertainment places, etc., its air circulation effect when the air conditioning energy distribution can reach the indoor temperature balance.

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Electric Over Door Air Curtain

Electric over door air curtain generates high-speed airflow, which divides indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature zones to create a comfortable indoor environment, maintains indoor air conditioning and purifies the air, saves energy, and circulates air, effectively isolating dust, smoke, and stinky. Gas, insects, and microorganisms.

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Slim Air Curtain

Slim air curtain is preventing cold (warm) gas outflow, saving air gates continuously formed by electricity consumption, effectively preventing cold (warm) gas leakage, saving electricity, dividing indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature zones, when the air conditioner is running for a long time, The auxiliary cycle regulates the temperature to save energy and improve the environment.

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Air Curtain Insect Barrier

Air Curtain Insect Barrier generates high-speed airflow and forms a protective door, which can effectively block outdoor dust and flying insects and keep the room clean. Anti-smoke and harmful gas effect The air circulation system of the air curtain machine can make the indoor corners strongly block the burning of the soot and the harmful gases such as industrial waste gas and automobile exhaust into the room.

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Cold Air Curtain

Cold air curtain is generally open to the outside of the hotel, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.; the curtains and air curtains are used for the workshop doors, indicating that there are more people entering and leaving the workshop, and the air-conditioning is used. Can effectively prevent some cold air leakage, thereby reducing and reducing energy consumption.

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