Cold Storage Air Curtain

Cold Storage Air Curtain

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Exquisite workmanship
Stainless steel or powder-sprayed casing, the square structure riveting and fixing is more stable and stable, and the air guiding member of the drawing air outlet does not rust.
Strong winds
The scientific design of the guide air gap, the air inlet is smoother, and the outer rotor centrifugal fan has better performance. The air volume is even and stable, the wind speed can be as high as 18m/s, and the isolation effect and energy saving effect are more remarkable.
Stable performance
Using an optimized high-efficiency high-speed motor to continuously operate a 5000-hour trouble-free explosion-proof air curtain machine? . Galvanized casing fan, IP44 waterproof grade, can also be safe and durable in special occasions with high humidity.
Installation location and height.

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